Track of the Day: The Bittersweets – I’m Still Here

Joined in marriage but also in music, Hannah and Chris Meyers form the duo The Bittersweets. Described as walking “…a precarious line between darkness and light”, the pair bring their obscure sound to listeners across the globe. With a nod to folk music but veerings to rock and pop, The Bittersweets are ensuring they touch audiences regardless of their preference; moreover, they delight audiences with their engaging performances. Featured on various radio stations, blogs and playlists, the US-based band are definitely turning heads in 2021. Today’s Track of the Day is their single ‘I’m Still Here’.

As of May 2021, the duo has released a single each month and ‘I’m Still Here’ is their August instalment. Following their track ‘Survivor’ (read our review here), The Bittersweets adopt an ethereal stance in ‘I’m Still Here’. While their music is diverse with ground-breaking melodies, this track has a strong pop influence. I’m not talking Britney Spears pop but rather a softer Adele meets Taylor Swift sound. Oddly enough, the caressing soothing of the melody is in juxtaposition with the song’s themes of addiction, despair and helplessness.

The Bittersweets share that ‘I’m Still Here’ is “…a song about watching someone you love suffer from addiction during the pandemic and feeling helpless.” Hannah’s tender vocals capture the pain a person feels when viewing this difficult scenario while Chris multi-instrumental skills weave through the intimate tapestry. A piano-driven single, there is a haunting arrangement as we hear the full extent of a piano’s soulful sound. While the flowing melody does have a melancholic sentimentality, it also presents a feeling of empowerment, hopefulness and “light at the end of the tunnel”. A reflective and sincere piece that makes you think about the dreary parts of life but with a soft smile at the end.

In addition to their single, The Bittersweets released an official lyric video for ‘I’m Still Here’. The video can be viewed on their YouTube Channel. Please note: this video uses lighting effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

For more from The Bittersweets check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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