Carlos Dia – Si Nos Amanece (2021)

Carlos Dia is back with a single that is quite different to his other releases. ‘Si Nos Amanece’ is a ballad that drops you into a night with a romantic partner where you stay up getting to know each other. This special moment is one that you want to last and that fills you with blissful happiness.

The single combines the Latin pop style that Dia has honed since starting his musical career under the name Carlos Arturo with emotional observations. While there is a personal thread to the track making it almost autobiographical, there is also a universality to the moment that grips everyone listening. The vibes of this single will have you moving both physically and emotionally.

‘Si Nos Amanece’ swings and pops to live with a really unique melody. There is a touch of dance in the beats while the higher synth tones bring a different edge. Everything comes together for a melodic line that grabs your shoulders and bops before sliding into a seductive and sultry vibe. While the dance vibes don’t make you want to go crazy, the Latin edge of the music has you shimmying. The seductive flow is so smooth and rich that you can almost taste it as you sway to the grooves.

As you sway to the melody, the vocals enhance the richness of the music. The vocals are in Spanish which, as a non-speaker, adds a little something to the track. If you don’t understand the words, you can easily get lost in the movement of Dia’s vocals. His voice is as smooth and seductive as the melody while filling you with a sense of bliss. While you might not know exactly what he is trying to say, the emotive power of his voice makes up for this. Through his performance, he fills you with the bliss of getting to know someone you care for deeply and sinking further into the affection you feel.

With ‘Si Nos Amanece’, Carlos Dia has you sinking in richness while filled with the bliss of staying up all night getting to know someone you care about. The music and vocals are so rich and emotive that you don’t need to understand the lyrics to feel what he is trying to convey. The seductive slides of the single are indulgent and an utter pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about Carlos Dia on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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