CasPark – TakeOut (2021)

Having moved out to LA, CasPark is navigating a whole new world through his music. With his single ‘TakeOut’, he continues to find his way with an infusion of RnB into some serious alternative pop sensibilities. The only question remaining in his exploration is whether he will find his way through or fly too close to the sun like Icarus.

Drawing on his experience from studying at Berklee College of Music and being mentored by Craig Bauer, CasPark makes waves with his rich sound. While he fronted a band for two years, he is hitting out on his own with a combination of his hometown Chicago and the flashing lights of LA. Forging unique melodies, he is sure to make a splash with his unique and textured sound.

‘TakeOut’ clicks and flows into your ears with a smoothness that slides across your shoulders. There is a subdued feeling to the melody before the beats make themselves known. The melody is a wonderful combination of RnB smoothness with a touch of urban beats. Resting in those beats is a slight hint of indie-pop. Through the melody, you get a late-night feeling that is enhanced by the electronic notes that come in late. Woven into this is a delightful city vibe that lets you embrace the lights of the city at night.

As you slide across the melody, CasPark’s vocals bring more fusion to the track. His voice has a delightful smoothness to it that works perfectly with the RnB tones. There is also a modernity to his performance that has you bouncing to it. The lyrics have a light pleading to them as he navigates a relationship. Later in the track, there is a humming backing vocal line that adds to the richness of the melody and deepens the textures of the track.

CasPark fills you with twinkling city lights and smooth modern flows to carry you across the twilight tones of ‘TakeOut’. Every element of the single adds to the fusion of tones for a captivating movement. With a touch of RnB, pop and urban, he explores emotions with an easy storytelling vibe.

Find out more about CasPark on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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