Track of the Day: MidSolis – Echo

The brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer Oscar Hogg Gomez, MidSolis has a unique, innovative and somewhat eclectic sound. With cinematic soundscapes and an ethereal ambience, the Spanish artist (for what he does is art) shows how simplicity can sometimes be more mind-blowing than a track filled with complex melodies. A newbie on the scene, I find it difficult to find any background information or reviews of MidSolis; however, this secrecy seems to add further mystery to his sound.

Unlike his sophomore single ‘Spaniard’s Lament’, ‘Echo’ is steadier, smoother and less upbeat. Yet, the languid style does not hide any sense of joviality – it’s just hidden beneath a layer of acoustic-inspired melodies. Harmonically blending vocals with an acoustic guitar, ‘Echo’ appears to lie somewhere between folk and dream-pop.

Alright, I’ll admit, considering the track is about unrequited love one would assume a lack of happiness regardless of the pace; however, there is a sense of calming relatability in the mass of desperation. I think it might be around the time the harmonica kicks in with a slight change in the guitar’s pace. Then again, I might just be overanalysing something that isn’t there…

“‘Echo’ is my first statement as an independent artist. I want this to showcase my ability to make this pop, melodic stuff. I love making that, but with it, I’ve made other harder-hitting songs that contrast this perfectly adding a perfect dynamic to the project.” – MidSolis on ‘Echo’

Reminiscent of Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen, ‘Echo’ has an intimate intensity touching the heart of every listener. What I find intriguing is not the warble in instrumentation or vocals but how these obscurities capture the inner turmoil of the protagonist. The flowing harmonies act as a sonic representation of tumbling emotions showcasing MidSolis’ experimental and artistic nature.

For more from Echo check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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