Cat Ryan – Mary Shelley Song (2020)

Reminiscent of established acts like Vampire Weekend and The Japanese House, UK-based trio Cat Ryan are innovative, intriguing and highly captivating. Placing a band in any category nowadays can be difficult, but Cat Ryan is definitely not to be pigeon-holed with their genre-bending sound. Melding post-punk, indie-pop and alternative rock with some dream-pop undertones, the group is breeding something truly exciting. The latest addition to their evolving discography is the single ‘Mary Shelley Song’.

Following their critically acclaimed singles ‘Mannerism’ and ‘Blessed Through The TV’ (read our review of the track here), ‘Mary Shelley Song’ showcases Cat Ryan’s eclecticism as musicians. While a flowing track with harmonic weaving of the dynamic instrumentation and Mary-Anne’s obscure vocals, ‘Mary Shelley Song’ has a contrasting quality about it. The staccato of the vocals seems to juxtapose with the melodic instrumentation to create a mystifying ambience.

Rich and robust in its own hazy way, Cat Ryan’s new track is evocative with a sense of the sentimental. While the hushed vocals tend to display a sense of indifference with the brusque delivery, Mary-Anne inserts a nostalgic sentimentality with the rawness of the lyricism. I listen to a lot of songs every day, but it is ‘Mary Shelley Song’ that has hypnotised me with its intoxicating obscurity.

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