Cat Ryan – Blessed Through The TV (2020)

Cat Ryan is an art-rock and modern shoegaze trio from Newcastle Upon Tyne. They were thrust into the spotlight with their previous single ‘Mannerism’ which received critical acclaim. They have returned with their next single ‘Blessed Through the TV’ which displays their flair for creative instrumentation.

The inspiration for the track is half-heartedness. It looks at the strange limbo between commitment and abandonment. This all originates from an angel figurine presented to vocalist Mary-Anne by her aunt which was blessed through a televised mass blessing by the Pope.

‘Blessed Through The TV’ hooks you with the opening and keeps your attention with the very catchy melody. It is light and fun while being full of creative instrument use. There are a few layers to the melody that make it a fascinating foundation for the track.

The vocals on the track are strong and match the creative instruments without sounding disjointed. While the melody and vocals have an exotic flair to them, it is the lyrics that really make the song. The track is packed with metaphors that makes the thought-provoking theme of the song easier to connect with and digest.

Cat Ryan uses their creativity and metaphors to explore half-heartedness in ‘Blessed Through The TV’. The track is an experience both lyrically and melodically with interesting twists. It is a fun but thought-provoking track that you can easily listen to again and again.

Find out more about Cat Ryan on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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