Catching Mangoes – 1963 (2021)

Romance, nostalgia and rock all come together to form the heartbreaking yet warming tale of ‘1963’ by Catching Mangoes. While the single warms the heart, it also meets any needs for a hit of nostalgia. As the first single from the upcoming Kevin’s Town album, the track sets the tone and opens the depth of character of what is to come.

Telling the story of Kevin’s parents, the single is a rock ballad that you won’t forget. Since the band formed in 2016, they have been playing relentlessly around the UK. With their storytelling debut album coming up, they draw you into the world of Kevin and the journey he is taking.

Emotive vocals open ‘1963’ with a slightly pained tone washed in nostalgia. There is a slight retro vibe to the vocals that make you think of rock songs from days past. This is a wonderful device that enhances the overall nostalgia of the track while sending you back into the time the lyrics are set. While you ride the nostalgia waves, you slip into a tale of love and heartbreak. The almost surf harmonisations add a lightness to the performance that starts to warm your soul. There is a wonderful movement to the performance as you are inundated with the varying emotions of the story of the lyrics.

The movement of the vocals is matched with the melody which is all retro rock tones. It is a very engaging melody that is all paced tones that make you want to dance to them. When the harmonising vocals hit, the music gets a very surf vibe. This dips for a twinkling tone that is all fairy lights at night. The arrangements are tight and as emotive as the vocals which bring the entire single to a whole new level.

Catching Mangoes hits you with retro tones, nostalgia and a really engaging story in ‘1963’. With dynamic melodic movements, the band captures your imagination while filling you with the emotions of the song. Warming yet heartbreaking, the lyrics paint a clear picture of the story while introducing you to what the band has to offer.

Find out more about Catching Mangoes on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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