Charlie Rees – Hourglass (2018)

Charlie Rees is a Scottish solo artist, and he is also the drummer from the band Cerberon. This is Charlie Rees’ second single from his latest solo album, Gone.

The track starts with gentle guitar riffs and drum beat, then the bass guitar kicks in and it’s nice and strong. The vocals kick in and are amazing. It’s a love song, and he sings about how much he feels for the person, and how they make him feel. He sings about how it’s the last time he will see their face, which sounds sad. He sings about how much it hurts, how he remembers the memories, and how the relationship won’t last. He sings about how he’s suffered enough and how he’s feeling rough. It’s a song that will definitely pull at your heartstrings.

The guitar riffs get quite heavy during the chorus, which is an extremely catchy chorus; the drum work is amazing and the bass line is very catchy. This single is definitely a heartfelt one, but still catchy nonetheless and worth checking out. It’s got a great rock sound and great vocals. The single is available now on iTunes along with his album, Gone.

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