James Smith – Tell Me That You Love Me (2018)

If you were to take Tom Odell in one hand and Ed Sheeran in the other, then put them together, you would have James Smith.  Falling in-line with the trendy Sheeran-style love songs, James could fall by the wayside.  However, Smith’s simple piano performance with soulful lyrics makes his music, in one word, smooth. 

Already signed with a major label and a debut EP under his belt, this talented nineteen-year-old ends 2018 with the single, ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’.  Written by Smith and co-produced with GEENEUS, this piano instrumental with gospel backings pushes the range of James’ vocal abilities.

It was inspired by my first heartbreak, something I didn’t want to happen but it was inevitable, it’s the story of our last couple of days together, ‘pretending it’s all alright’.  Hearing the band and gospel choir for the first time completely blew my mind

James Smith

The music video accompanying the single is simple, but sometimes simple is good.  The music video is cliché, but sometimes cliché can be good.  The simplicity of James playing the piano in a drab setting allows a person to focus on the meaning of his words.  The cliché ‘memories’ interspersed throughout the video in the form of ‘couple scenes’ prompts sentimentality and the emotion behind the lyrics.  I found the recording of the final chorus interesting; the ‘memories’ change showing arguments instead of happy times.  James’ performance becomes far more emotional, the pain evident in his face – everything is not alright.

In the past year I have come across many talented artists from the UK and elsewhere.  I’ll admit I have my favourites whose careers I watch with interest.  James Smith has been added to the list. 

To engage with James, check out his Facebook.  You can also purchase ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’ from iTunes or Amazon.

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