Charlotte Hall – The Wolves (2020)

Charlotte Hall started writing music as a project while working on her MA in Music Composition. This led to her first two singles and an EP being released in 2018. Now, as she works as a full-time freelancer, she has unleashed her third single of the year ‘The Wolves’.

The song is very different from what she has released so far, but in no way lesser. Looking at toxic relationships based on personal experience, the single takes Hall’s abilities to new heights. There is layering within the track and an overall arc to the song that is uniquely her while stepping out of the comfort zone of what has come before.

‘The Wolves’ opens with a brooding acoustic guitar opening that leads to deep drums and bass notes. These deep notes create a darkness to the melody that is at odds with the lighter acoustic guitar. This is a very intricate melody that has a lot going on that blends into a driving musical push. The build-up in the melody works perfectly with the vocals and the message playing out in the lyrics.

Hall’s vocals are emotive and sombre throughout the single. The rise and fall of her performance drive the subject matter home. You can also hear her operatic training in the higher notes of her performance. One of the most amazing elements of the track is the vocal layering that mimics the howling of wolves. This is a showcase of Hall’s vocal prowess and the control she has over her powerful voice.

Charlotte Hall uses an intricate melody and an outstanding vocal performance to captivate on ‘The Wolves’. The brooding melodic notes highlight her clear vocals and the mimicking of howling wolves will stay with you for a long time. You will also be left with shivers after this emotive performance.

Find out more about Charlotte Hall on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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