Kind Lies – Straight Lines (2020)

The London chill-pop trio Kind Lies can trace their roots to the DIY scene of the UK capital. Ross Shroff and Liam Clayton decided to write pop songs together and Corinna Jane would soon join them to add her seductive vocals to the mix. Together they have released synth-laden tracks including ‘Prey The Night’ and ‘Summer’. They have been working on the final track of their debut EP ‘Straight Lines’ which has now been released.

This summery pop song is all about moving on to better things while remembering where you have come from. A rather heavy topic that is artfully approached through a delightful mixture of tropical beats and lush synths. The effortless charm of the song will get you moving to the beat while still thinking about the lyrics.

‘Straight Lines’ draws you in with these sharp tropical notes. These notes form the basis of a very summery pop track that is fun to listen to. Within the melody are deeper and penetrating beats and clicks that add an extra layer to the song. The melody makes you think of a warm and sunny island paradise where you can relax on the beach.

While the melody makes you happy and puts you into a summer mood, the lyrics are heavier. Jane’s vocals are able to find the perfect balance between the heavy lyrics and the light tone of the single. She is emotive with the subject, but has an airy and fun tinge to her performance that keeps with the melody. The combination is effortlessly charming.

Kind Lies combine a sharp and summery tropical melody with heavy lyrics to create the endlessly charming ‘Straight Lines’. The song finds the perfect balance between upbeat and deep while using lush synths and fun beats.

Find out more about Kind Lies on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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