Chasing Deer – Scared (2020)

Frustration, worry and fear are some of the emotions that people have been feeling all too often in the last year. Chasing Deer has created an anthem for everyone who has felt this with their single ‘Scared’. An emotional and vulnerable track, it touches on the importance of mental health and the need for human connections during the pandemic. Through their music, the band offers a positive boost that many people need.

The positivity to get through everything features powerful vocals from Rob Hodkinson and versatile guitar lines by Rory Evans. While the year has been a rollercoaster for many bands, Chasing Deer have taken a different approach. With gigs cancelled, they started up a Facebook live stream which has aired every Wednesday. This single has become a fan favourite on the live streams.

‘Scared’ sets an emotional soundscape from the first guitar note. There is a tender and vulnerable feeling to the music threaded into the acoustic lines. The layers of the melody create an easy flowing thread that draws you into the single. When the chorus comes in, the melody gets a delicate touch of hope and positivity. There is an increase in the tempo of the music at this point that bolsters your emotions and has you feeling good.

Hodkinson’s vocals add to the vulnerable feeling of the music. His soft performance offers a sense of connection and lets you know that there are others who feel scared about what is happening. However, this turns into a warm embrace on the chorus through the beauty of the lyrics and the boost of the vocals.

Chasing Deer let you know that you are not alone and offer a connection with their vulnerable and emotional single ‘Scared’. The melody is a delicate river that you float down only to swell with a surge of positive emotions. The vocal performance enhances this as you are offered a connection and a sense that others feel the same as you do.

Find out more about Chasing Deer on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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