Vivillain – Failures Fortune (2020)

Norwegian rockers Vivillain are bringing old school rock back with a modern edge. The 5-piece band is made up of Thomas Sixhøj (vocals), Magnus Magnussen (lead guitar), Lasse Johnsen (bass), Anders Christophersen (rhythm guitar) and Fredrik Bø (drums). Hailing from Bergen, these energetic rockers are a breath of fresh air on the scene.

The band has already completed a successful tour of Germany and released two singles. Their debut EP Failures Fortune dropped in March 2020 and has gained a lot of traction. The 5-track EP is a stunning showcase of what Vivillain has to offer.

The EP starts with ‘Intro’, a short musical opening. The drums in this 59-second track get you pumped while the guitar drives through your centre. The speed increase hypes you into the guitar lead that seamlessly enters the next track.

‘Thirteen’ picks up the guitars at the end of ‘Intro’. Sixhøj’s vocals grip you and have the same vibe as classic 80s rock. The higher notes remind me of a bit of Led Zepplin or Deep Purple. It is a solid track that gets you excited for the rest of the EP.

The third track ‘Save Your Breath’ has a more modern rock opening and smooth lyrics. The rhythm of the track has you bopping your head. ‘Save Your Breath’ is possibly the catchiest song on the EP and one you can easily listen to repeatedly. The lyrics are also easy to relate to and heavier than the catchy tune lets on.

Vivillain Band

‘Saviour’ has a slower start but picks up the pace. Vivillain’s unique sound is clear in this track and Sixhøj’s vocals are amazing. This track also offers a showcase of guitars that brings a new element to the song.

The last track is ‘Scream’, a name that feels misleading at the start of the song. The beginning is slower than the other tracks on the EP, but this helps you picture the story in the lyrics. The overall feel of this track is different and haunting in the first half. It does pick up and matches the title a bit more in the second half. This change fits perfectly with the lyrics to make this one of the stronger tracks on the EP in terms of showcasing the band’s abilities.

Failures Fortune is an outstanding first EP from Vivillain. Each track is unique and stands out on its own. While I feel ‘Save Your Breath’ is the catchiest, ‘Scream’ is a solid contender for the strongest. All the tracks combine to highlight each member’s musical abilities, Sixhøj’s strong vocals and a band that I am excited to see more of.

You can find out more about Vivillain on their website, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube. We have also chatted with them about Failures Fortune and more.

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