Chay Snowdon – Men Cry Too (2019)

Chay Snowdon is a four-piece rock band from Plymouth, UK. The band have already played in front of tens of thousands of people. Their gritty, infectious real-talk rock sits somewhere between Catfish and The Bottlemen and Kings Of Leon.

The track starts with a great guitar riff. The vocals follow shortly. The beat is great and the bass line is catchy and strong. The lyrics are very catchy and great: it’s about how things are not meant to be and how men also cry. It shouldn’t be a surprise to people – he sings about how things are cliché. It has a great rock sound and an extremely catchy chorus.

‘Men Cry Too’ is an outstanding piece of music and has a very catchy chorus While Chay is already making waves, he definitely has great potential for further stardom.

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