Fonzy and Company – Last Birth (2019)

This fresh indie-rock band, originally formed in 2019, and have published their first EP Last Birth. The four-piece indie-rock band is UK-based, and it’s great to see a new band formed and already recording so quickly.

The EP playlist is: ‘Pieces’, ‘Queen of Nothing’, ‘Silk’, ‘Sue Me’, ‘The Stubborn And The Brave’, and ‘Without Regret’. Each song has a brilliantly unique quality to it. The band self-published this six-song EP via Witch And The Wolf. It is a fantastic listen and has a collection of different sounds and rhythms per song. This is the first time I have come across a new and upcoming band with such an eclectic range to their songs.

Fonzy and Company have a fantastic mix of songs, all of which have a distinctive sound and rhythm. ‘The Stubborn And The Brave’ is my favourite due to its more indie rhythm and lyrics. It relates to me more than the other tracks. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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