Chris Pidsley – Listen to Your Mum (2020)

Chris Pidsley is taking on the situation that we have all faced with the aptly titled ‘Listen to Your Mum’. Motherly opinions on your love life are generally met with dismissal as you feel you know better about the situation. This generally leads to you realising that she was right all along and that you should have listened to her. This sentiment is perfectly captured in this single to an upbeat bop and folk-pop sound.

Drawing on inspiration from Cavetown and the 1975, Pidsley has created a track packed with upbeat vibes, a driving rhythm and some wise words. This is all wrapped in an authentic and intimate sound that hits just right.

‘Listen to Your Mum’ brings an uplifting feeling to your heart from the first acoustic guitar note. The simple line puts a smile on your face before the piano enters for an easy flowing melody. The slight swing in the strumming of the guitar is perfectly executed and has you swaging to the easy vibes. There is something about the music that lifts a weight off your chest and lets you breathe easily. The beats that come in later get your head moving and simply elevates the good vibes of the track. The horns add a summery feeling to the music that is wonderful.

Pidsley’s vocals make you think of sunlight in a meadow as a breeze lightly moves the grass. The easy flow of his vocals adds to the light vibes of the music. His performance also has an intimate softness to it that makes it so easy to connect with. The lyrics are full of folky poetry that you will start to sing along with, particularly on the chorus. The single is a real earworm that wiggles its way into your brain and pumps you full of its vibes.

Chris Pidsley fills you with joy and other upbeat vibes in the infectious good ‘Listen to Your Mum’. The soft feeling of the music and vocals have you swaying to the easy vibes. The lyrics are packed with some words of wisdom that everyone can use while laying out a situation that we all relate to.

Find out more about Chris Pidsley on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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