Dorothy Harris – Where Is My Juliet? (2020)

Talk about Italians having passion, Dorothy Harris shows that Spaniards are as enthused about life – in fact, they might be more passionate. Hailing from the Mediterranean, Alberto (vocals and guitar), Lalo (bass), Julia (guitar) and Jorge (drums) meld together the intimacy of Nirvana with the intensity of We The Kings and the tempo of Mayday Parade. All in all, the lads are a sonic fusion of alternative rock and grunge over the last three decades. While the group released an onslaught of critically acclaimed singles in 2020, we’re focusing on the track ‘Where Is My Juliet?’

Coming together after performing with different bands, Dorothy Harris builds its foundation on various musical experiences with an explosive result. Influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, the group’s music has a grittiness and heaviness to it; however, there is one can hear a lightheartedness buoyancy in ‘Where Is My Juliet?’

With pounding drums, dynamic guitars and an elegant interweaving of Alberto’s rich vocals, ‘Where Is My Juliet?’ is an exceptional ear-worm of a song. Beguiling in its upbeat cheeriness, the track takes a heavier rock turn with a Led Zeppelin-esque guitar solo. While the melody itself can get you smiling, it is Alberto’s robust vocals that emphasise the depth of content. Sometimes a group can incorporate poignant lyricism with their melodies; however, Dorothy Harris shows a profound intensity in their song – one which resonates and enhances a harmonic connection with audiences.

“The first single ‘Where Is My Juliet’ talks about the searching we all do of some person or thing we are looking for. Most of us keep searching trying to find something or someone to keep us alive, to give us something to fight for, to give us hope.” – Dorothy Harris on ‘Where Is My Juliet?’

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