Christian Prior – Give Me Strength (2020)

Growing in a small village on the moors of Northern England, Christian Prior did not have too much to do or anywhere to go so he delved into the world of music. Becoming a means of escapism, Prior started fusing the sounds of Pink Floyd, John Martin and Miles Davis to create a unique form of indie meets prog-rock.

Once Prior reached the age of 18, he chose to further his music career by relocating to London – a contemporary capital city filled to the brim with live music from all types of artists. Greatly inspired by his bustling new home, the talented singer-songwriter honed his sound creating authentic and original material. Of course, he also made a mark on the scene with his natural talent for live shows performing at The Royal Festival Hall, Wilderness Festival and St. Pancras Old Church.

Typically known for his live performances, the Covid-19 lockdown regulations have put a bit of a dent in Prior’s musical journey; however, he has not been sitting on his laurels complaining about the cessation of live gigs. No, Prior recently released his debut single ‘Give Me Strength’ along with an accompanying music video (to be seen here).

As magnificent as the touching video, ‘Give Me Strength’ is an emotive single with flowing melodies underlying Prior’s rich vocals. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Who, the track is a synth-driven single creating a swirl of sound and hazy ambience wherein the listener can lose themselves entirely. Yet, while there is a strong cinematic soundscape element to ‘Give Me Strength’, it is the poignant lyrics that add to the sincerity of the single.

Exploring themes of escapism, ‘Give Me Strength’ looks at issues of hopelessness and depression; however, it does not dwell on these difficult situations but adds a sense of optimism, positivity and self-empowerment to the flowing melody. The video merely enhances these aspects with its visual representation of floundering, pondering and getting through…well, something. You really need to view the video to notice the emphasis on swirling mindset by the blue liquid and water images.

Overall, it is a strong, well-rounded single expertly fusing the genres of prog-rock, modern jazz and alternative rock together. Unique and genuine, Christian Prior is definitely going to break boundaries with his languid sound.

For more from Christian Prior check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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