A Chat with The Empire Police (20.03.18)

Taking a moment out of their busy day, the young gentlemen from the up-and-coming Preston band, The Empire Police, sat down to have a quick chat with OSR writer Nicole Mendes.  Here is what they had to say:

OSR: Firstly, could you tell us how did you come up with band name ‘The Empire Police’?

TEP: The name actually came from our friend Dan.  He and Tom were drinking and brainstorming some band names and he said, “what about The Empire Police?”.  It just stuck.

OSR: How did the band members come together to form The Empire Police?

TEP: Jordao knew Fyn throughout high school and had met George and Tom at college.  Having written and recorded some solo material he wanted a band to perform it with, and that’s how we initially came together and began playing as a group.

OSR: Why did you decide to become a musician?

TEP: It’s the one thing the four of us have always been passionate about and a field that we’ve always been driven to succeed in.

OSR: You released an EP last year and currently have the single ‘Fine Lines’ streaming online.  Are there plans for a new album?

TEP: We have a second EP written and two out of the six songs have been recorded.  Hopefully, you’ll be hearing the full and finished versions in the coming months.

OSR: Do you have plans for touring in the near future?

TEP: It’s something we’d absolutely love to do, yes. There are no concrete plans as of yet, but it’s always at the back of our minds.

OSR: What is ‘Fine Lines’ about?

TEP: For us, it’s a song about someone who’s obsessed about the trivial, pointless things in life and can’t seem to see past them.

OSR: What was the songwriting process for ‘Fine Lines’?

TEP: Tom had written the initial riff, and Jordao already had the lyrics for the chorus which fit together really well.  Tom then built on this writing the first verse and pre-chorus, followed by a second verse from Jordao.

OSR: If you could perform with any living artist, who would it be and why?

TEP: The Cribs.  They’re one of our biggest inspirations and their energy and sound are just so raw and brash, despite being so practised and polished.

OSR: This might seem like a loaded question considering the state of the nation, but what do you feel is the one problem facing modern society?

TEP: Grassroots and independent venues closing and being knocked down really is a huge problem, more so than people may realise.  Not to get too deep into the issue, but this is something that really frustrates us and something that we think should be more of a concern to people.  It’s absolutely vital to support live and local music, and these platforms for young, up-and-coming bands to showcase themselves are slowly dying away to make way for student halls and businesses.  It’s not good.

OSR: Which do you prefer: tea or coffee?

TEP: George, Tom and Fyn are tea drinkers, while Jordao loves a coffee.

OSR: Fish and chips or steak and kidney pie with chips?

TEP: Fish and chips!  No doubt.

OSR: Are you more Guinness men or Stella?

TEP: Hmm… I think you’ve split us down the middle on that one!

OSR: And that’s it.  Thanks for speaking with us and all the best!

TEP: Not a problem, thanks for your time guys.

Thank you once again to the lads from The Empire Police for chatting to us.  For more sounds from this band, check out their Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook.
Images courtesy of The Empire Police.

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