Cicci Landén – Over Again (2021)

Family feuds are something that can last over generations and affect the patterns of family interactions. This is something that Cicci Landén considers in ‘Over Again’ which brings a personal story to the repetition of family patterns. Weaving her an intriguing tapestry with her storytelling musical ability, she blends her expressive vocals with the Americana sound of the melody.

Continuing her creation of music that tells the stories of the world, she adds a touch of blues to her earthy tones. With two albums, an EP and several singles under her belt, she has honed and sharpened her musical skills to perfection. Drawing on the foundation of a youth surrounded by music, she artfully moulds melodic elements to shine with the stories and emotions she wants to impart.

There is a rather decadent Americana vibe to the opening of ‘Over Again’. You can feel the dusty desert air sweeping across the soundscape. There is a beautiful earthy feeling to the music that twangs with the best elements of country. The toe-tapping beat is a great accompaniment to the guitars that twang and pluck against your ears. The flow of the music pulls you into the story of the lyrics as it reaches out toward the horizon. You can easily imagine Landén playing this track on the porch just sitting with her guitar.

While the melody brings the earth country tones to our ears, it is her vocals that really infuse the emotion into the track. The lyrics tell the story of history repeating itself in a never-ending cycle. This repetition of patterns in life leads to the emotion of her performance. Each word is packed with a yearning to break the cycle and the pain that is compounded with each repetition. It is an extremely touching track that reaches into your emotions and tugs at their edges. Artfully woven into the lyrics is the personal tale of family feuds, but this has been so masterfully done that it does not detract from the universality of the message of the single.

Cicci Landén twangs and strums her way into your ears and heart with the reflection on pattern repetition and the pain it brings with ‘Over Again’. The Americana country tones of the music offer an earthy feeling to the track that enhances the vulnerability of the lyrics. Her vocals bring a personal tale to a sense of pain that is rather universal.

Find out more about Cicci Landén on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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