Bosola – Me on a Good Day (2021)

With his EP How Sick I Became Running Form Myself, Bosola took us through brooding and intimate tones tinged with nostalgic melancholy. Now, they are walking us into a world of existential dread and loss of faith in ‘Me on a Good Day’. Bringing a detachment from the offerings of the modern world, the single is a dark journey through rejection of consumerism and romance with a swirl of neurotic agnosticism.

Drawing on bleak rock sensibilities and hopelessness, the single touches on a dark moment in the life of Tim Cox, one man behind the music. Using a title that is a sarcastic and barbed reminder of apathy and inadequacy, the personal touch of the track is one that a lot of us can relate to. While there is a clear darkness to the track, the rock tones offer a touch of light to soften the blow.

Bosola’s vocals open ‘Me on a Good Day’ with a clear statement of agnosticism tempered with a slightly neurotic edge. The opening vocals line really sets the tone for the exploration of the existential crisis that is the track. The lyrics detail a soft yet dark journey through rejection of the modern world and the pressures that it brings. All of this is wrapped into a flow that is packed with the idea that you are never good enough. The gentle tempering of everything with the religious edge has been delicately handled. The vocals have a bleak feeling to them as they question everything in life and consider how empty the world can feel.

This bleak exploration through life in the vocals is given a boost by the wonderful dynamic movement of the melody. The opening verse is cradled in light tones that float through your senses and calmly lead you to the more melodic flows. The light crash of cymbals and roll of drums have your toes tapping to the rhythm. There is a propulsion to the music that has you moving forward through the rather depressing musings of the lyrics. There is a familiar edge to the melody that takes you back in time to older indie rock.

Bosola draws you into a bleak soundscape packed with a sense of hopelessness as they muse on everything from agnosticism to the rejection of consumerism in ‘Me on a Good Day’. The rather depressed edge to the vocals makes the story and message of the single more powerful and really puts you in Cox’s frame of mind. The music cradles the vocals before giving them the boost they need to really shine.

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