Circle of Reason – Questions (2016)

Southampton quartet Circle of Reason recently released a single and video for their track ‘Questions’, from the upcoming EP Faith or Theory. The rock group spent the last few years working hard touring and playing with some big names, so it is safe to say new music from them is highly anticipated!

‘Questions’ certainly doesn’t follow the normal song writing moulds with very minimal intro – literally a few seconds before we are straight into a verse. The band has a unique style; I can’t really pinpoint genre. Prog-esque guitars but with added licks, that sound somewhat like earlier material from Lower Than Atlantis.

The vocals don’t really fit a style I have heard before; there are a lot of different influences coming through, and I don’t want to box it off because it’s quite organic. There are also some good uses of harmonies throughout.

The track itself is punchy, the drums really hit this one out the park, and those guitars really are testing themselves. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into making this song. Every second is thought out, every hit, every strum, and every word. It pays off! It’s a good track and as I said earlier has a very unique style that will bring in an array of fans.

Cirlce of Reason has managed to bring so many different styles into one song while maintaining a coherent sounding track. Hats off boys! Bravo! Well written, well blended and overall a good listen.


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