Love|Less – The Lonely (2016)

Love|Less is an alternative rock band from London that holds a hopeful place in the future as their songs bring to the surface emotions I never knew I had. They have a way of connecting to everyone through their songs while still hiding and shutting out the rest of us. One of the songs where they show this superbly is their acoustic version of ‘The Lonely’.

Listening to this song for the first time, I was torn; as it is not the typical song I would listen to. The beginning of the song had a strong tune that was carried all the way through, but I was not too fond of the singing style. It carried a very dark feel to it that made me slightly uncomfortable. It wasn’t until I started listening to the words carefully that I discovered the reason behind this eerie feeling.

‘The Lonely’ is about a sense of loss and feeling lonely in a crowded world. It translates a pain and misery that plays with the idea of death for these lonely people. It was this call for the lonely to be lonely together that stuck with me. I came to realise that the style of this song is, in fact, a perfect fit. After learning all of this, I listened again. And again. And again.

I began to really enjoy this song, the tune, the anger and the hurt that comes with it. After all, the best songs are the ones that draw emotion from you. These five guys have done a great job with the song and after listening to a few of their other songs I found that this acoustic version of ‘The Lonely’ is one of their softer sounds. They really know how to get their message across and for that I praise them. This song has definitely changed my mind about this type of music and I look forward to hearing more from them.


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