Clifford – Quick Quick Slow (2021)

Influenced by the likes of Coldplay, Joy Division, Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire, it is no surprise that singer-songwriter Clifford has a “melting pot sound”. Combining elements of rock, punk, pop, funk and electronica, the US-based artist is not to be pigeonholed. Featured on A&R Factory, B-Sides & Badlands, To The Point Music and several online radio stations/podcasts, Clifford is turning heads on an international level. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Quick Quick Slow’.

Following his high-powered single ‘Renaissance Fam’, ‘Quick Quick Slow’ adopts a smoother, steadier and less frenzied sound. Some artists may choose to retain a specific style, but the transition from punk-inspired ‘Renaissance Fam’ to sensual pop showcases Clifford’s innovativeness as an artist. Moreover, the eclecticism in each of his singles illustrates his constant evolution.

As I mentioned, ‘Quick Quick Slow’ is smoother than previous releases but there is a playful cheekiness adding a hint of joviality in the tune. The melodic arrangement of guitars, drums and keyboards tosses you into a hypnotic swirl of sound. Yet, it is not the catchy choruses or guitar riffs that captivate one’s senses but rather the incorporation of a sitar. Adding a dash of Indian flair to a contemporary pop song, ‘Quick Quick Slow’ has a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

Of course, the melody is significant as it sets the tone for a song, but the lyricism and execution show as much depth in content. Touching on elements of animal magnetism and strong connections in relationships, ‘Quick Quick Slow’ is a song that “mimics a relationship of inseparable magnetism that brings two people together emotionally, mentally and physically.” – his words, not mine.

Using his rich vocals, Clifford oozes sensuality and sexuality like a slip of satin delicately falling apart revealing a hand moving up tingling skin…well, you know the rest. As Clifford says, “this song is about sex…not initially my intention but that’s okay.” Overall, my honest opinion is that Clifford shows sophistication and maturity in his music. Teetering on the delicate line between debauchery and innocence, ‘Quick Quick Slow’ is one of those songs to be felt instead of described.

For more from Clifford check out his BandCamp, Twitter and Spotify.

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