The Archivist – Lifejackets & Flare Guns (2021)

The Archivist bring a layered message with their single ‘Lifejackets & Flare Guns’. Through the lyrics, the single is literally about the struggles felt in early sobriety including the feeling of failure. This is tempered by a much broader message that anyone who has felt unsure or lost will be able to connect with.

The catchy chorus of the single was stumbled upon by Dwayne Banks (vocals, bass) while trying to describe what a relapse was like. With the musical talents of Daryl Hannah (drums), Joe Francolino (guitar) and Eric Walker (rhythm guitar), the band built around it and created a meaningful conversation through the single. Touching on both addiction and mental health, the single has a lot to offer while showcasing the depths of the band.

The guitar opening of ‘Lifejackets & Flare Guns’ has a vast feeling to it like the rippling of a sea. You can almost feel the cool bite to the air that the melody brings to your brain. As you take in the expansive melody, the low levels start to pick up the pace. The increase in tempo has you running down the melody before you leap off the cliff of sound and soar on the melodic currents. It is an amazing melody that draws you into the stratosphere while acknowledging the darker emotions that you need to fight off.

The balance of light and dark in the melody is brought to sharp relief by the vocals. The lyrics push the struggles and feelings of failure you face into the spotlight. When the chorus hits, the vocals start to fly with the guitars while offering a soothing softness. The inner rough edges that grate against your senses are eased by the vocals on the chorus. To bring the struggles of early sobriety to life, the lyrics use wonderful imagery. As the single touches on sobriety and struggles with addiction, there is a larger message that you can feel slice through you.

Through the soaring tones of ‘Lifejackets & Flare Guns’, The Archivist captures feelings of failure and struggles. With the soaring movement of the melody, your spirits are lifted as you fly on the melodic tones. The rough edges of your spirit are eased by the vocals as they match the melody in the easing of your stresses.

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