Coastal Town – The A Plus (2021)

As a way of getting people pumped up for the start of the new school year, Coastal Town released ‘The A Plus’, the nerd anthem we never knew we were missing. With a blast of catchy indie rock mixed with pop-rock, they provide the motivation you need to get through the day. Whether you are still at school or just need the boost to get through the workday, this is an anthemic track that will lift your spirits.

This motivation comes from a multi-generational group, the majority of which are still in high school. The range of experience and the help of mentors creates a youthful sound to their music while bringing a wonderful sophistication. When we first heard their single ‘All Empires’, their poetic lyrics hooked us while the positive vibes enthralled.

‘The A Plus’ has you bopping to the thrumming tone from the first second. The indie-rock tones that open the track gives way to a flowing guitar-driven sound that sweeps through you. While you start floating on this line, the drums rise against it and have you swaying to them. It is a really infectious melody that effortlessly hooks you into the track and keeps you engaged. There are some complex movements as the layers merge and depart from each other.

While the melody has you hooked into the track, it is really the vocals that make the single. The harmonised vocals open the track with a strangely subdued anthemic edge. The verses dip into experiences in school and how to get through the day. There is a feeling of connection through the vocals that makes you know that you are not alone and there is a helping hand if you need one. The chorus is catchy and lets you know that there is hope for the future while motivating you to do well. While quite anthemic, there is a gentleness to the single that is really wonderful.

Coastal Town fills you with the motivation you need to get through the day while tackling going to school in ‘The A Plus’. The melody hooks you into the track with expertly woven layers. The vocals have a youthful edge to them as they have you moving to them, understanding that you are not alone and filling you with the positive vibes needed to get through the day.

Find out more about Coastal Town on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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