Cydeways ft Surfer Girl – Take Flight (2021)

There are a lot of summer love songs out there, but few have the same blend of sound that ‘Take Flight’ by Cydeways. Featuring Surfer Girl, the single is a delightful blend of hazy RnB and lazy reggae-rock hooks. With a touch of experimental vibes, the single picks up on that moment when two people connect and feel their emotions take off.

The collaboration between Cydeways and Surfer Girl came through a mutual friend from their shared hometown of Boston. After meeting each other, they hit it off and started to work on this track. Following on from the hype of their last releases, this track teases Cydeways upcoming album and has you eager to hear what other musical combinations they can come up with.

‘Take Flight’ has a hazy opening that brings a lazy and slightly woozy feeling to the soundscape. The beats clap against your ears and meet the lighter tones that twinkle in the background. There is an edge of experimentation to the layering of the melody as the different elements seem like they wouldn’t work together only to unite as a wonderful whole. You can hear a touch of RnB with some hazy reggae hooks that bring the band’s unique sound to the melody. The rising run in the music has you soaring on the wings of the emotion of the track.

The slightly experimental melody forms a wonderful base for the vocals. Through the 90s RnB vibe of the first verse, you are filled with the awe of falling in love and meeting someone who seems to complete your life. The chorus is catchy in a smooth way that makes you want to sway to the rhythm. Through the lyrics, you feel the urge to smile at the warm and slightly euphoric feeling they invoke. Surfer Girl comes in for the second verse to bring his idea of the perfect person to share your life with. Together, they create a homage to the person in your life that seems to complete you and fills your life with warmth.

Cydeways and Surfer Girl swirl old-school RnB into their unique alternative reggae sound while filling you with the warmth of affectionate connections in ‘Taking Flight’. The melody has an experimental edge but offers a smooth ride into the soaring affection of the lyrics. The vocals move from the smoothness of Cydeways to the paced contemplations of Surfer Girl.

Find out more about Cydeways on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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