Cole Stock – Me & You (2021)

With his hand in many musical pockets, Cole Stock has established himself as a solid songwriter across the globe. Working with Louis Croft, Rachaaylou, Paper Street Soul and Louis Croft, Stock is able to traverse genres with ease. Yet, this innovativeness is not exclusive to songwriting as he has breaking boundaries with his own solo project. Featured on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, YMX and It’s All Indie, the UK-based indie-pop artist is turning heads with his soulful sound. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Me & You’.

Reminiscent of McFly and Busted, but with his own distinctive flair, Cole Stock’s new single is an indie-pop meets pop-rock sensation. The pounding drums combine effortlessly with emotive guitars in this toe-tapping earworm. Not necessarily throwing you into a whirlpool of sound, but still having an all-encompassing effect, ‘Me & You’ proffers a “warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate” sound. Stock’s vocals are the creamy marshmallows bopping around the hot drink.

Jovial and buoyant, but with certain languid nature, ‘Me & You’ has a soothing summertime vibe. While it is touching on the theme of broken relationships, there is a joyful wistfulness to the song aligning with the happy memories before the breakup. Underlying the happiness is the sadness of losing a romance, but the harmonic melody keeps you away from the bad while you try to “figure it out”. In short, it’s the best song for those on the brink of ending a relationship.

As charming as he is handsome, Stock has a banger of a tune with ‘Me & You’. A huge fan of McFly, I immediately fell in love with this talented singer-songwriter and cannot wait for more material.

For more from Cole Stock check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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