Track of the Day: Calm Canopy – Moss (2021)

When indie-rock group Broken Social Scene emerged from Toronto at the turn of the new century, many critics saw and heard them as a new fresh sound – a kind of a renewed take on the sounds dominating the 90s (everything from grunge to Britpop). So did the general audience. They seem to be taking it a bit too easy these days, seemingly concentrating on solo projects. So, it just might be the right time to bring that energy back again and bring something fresh to those sounds; it seems that energy is again coming from a Toronto artist. This time around it is Mike Papaloni, aka Calm Canopy, as can be heard on his latest single ‘Moss’.

‘Moss’ has an energy propelled by ringing guitars with some quite mellifluous vocals and a sound that begs to be on as many rock playlists as possible. You can freely call it a great driving song with windows down (and still a face mask on, unfortunately). As Mike puts it himself:

“Moss was one of those songs that poured out over the span of twenty minutes via a sudden rush of inspiration, and then was recorded on the same day. I was alone on the other side of the country in the middle of the pandemic and had absolutely nobody I knew there (we moved there during the pandemic, so naturally we had zero friends). Just me, my instruments and two cats. I quickly realised how uncomfortable it was to spend time in complete solitude without the distraction of the internet or some other digital convenience of the modern world.”

Solitude or no solitude, it certainly brings that warmth we all certainly need at the moment.

For more from Calm Canopy check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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