Colin and the Clouds – Clouds (2021)

At some point, we have all looked back at a time when life seemed to be easier and full of adventures we no longer have. Colin and the Clouds capture the longing for freedom that we feel in these moments on the tones of ‘Clouds’. An uplifting single, it offers a summery vibe with catchy movements that leave you feeling like those good times could come again.

While Harald Eliasson (vocals, synth, guitar) and Matteus Willysson (drums, percussion) both have a history in indie rock music, their electronic pop sounds are wonderful. Full of modern and energetic vibes, they merge electronic musings with vibrant sound. If you are looking for a song that captures what freedom might sound like, this is the track for you.

‘Clouds’ opens with a layered flow that brings a summer feeling to your senses. The pulsing of the deep lower synths vibrates through your chest while the drums combine with it to push you forward. The higher synth notes are twinkling summer vibes that lift your spirits and make you feel quite happy. Through the music, you are filled with a tentative hope and easiness that makes facing the world a little easier. The beat of the music is really catchy and will have your toes tapping before you fly on the waves of the electronic tones. There is a rather interesting combination of electronic and organic instrumentation that blends so perfectly together.

While the melody has you riding uplifting summer vibes, the vocals have you thinking back on easier days. This does have a light touch of nostalgia to it, but that is overshadowed by the positive feeling for the future. The vocals have an electronic edge to them that combines perfectly with the melody. As the melody has you flying on its waves, the vocals are like the light that glints off the water in summer. After thinking back on past freedoms, the lyrics turn to a hopeful view of the future and a greater understanding of the freedom we all have right now.

Colin and the Clouds have you flying on a perfect combination of electronic and organic instrumentation while feeling positive about everything in ‘Clouds’. The summer energy of the track is threaded with tentative hope and understanding of the freedoms we all have if we take control of it. The electronic edge to the vocals helps them skip along the melody while drawing your spirits up into the light.

Find out more about Colin and the Clouds on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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