Monrad – Wired (2021)

There are days when you just feel restless for an unknown reason. If you are looking for a single that perfectly captures this feeling, you have come to the right place. Packed with contradictions, seductive tones and heavy beats, ‘Wired’ by Monrad encompasses restless energy and the overwhelming feeling it can cause.

While not a newcomer to the music scene, the sounds of Monrad differ from the surf-punk sounds of the band Matthew Ramon had been a part of. After two years of nurturing and maturing his musical abilities, he hit the studio for his first full-length album. Stepping away from conventional song structures and capturing something that everyone can relate to, he takes you on a layered journey through thoughts, feelings and intense soundscapes.

‘Wired’ grabs your attention from the first moment with a head moving melody. There is something really cool about the rhythm of the music that has you moving to it. The forward movement of the melody grabs your hand and pulls you down the soundscape and out of the restlessness you feel. Even if you are not pulled out of a rut, the enthralling movement of the single gives your restlessness a direction. There is an interesting contrast between the seductively funky music and the vocals that both enhance and soothes the restlessness you feel.

Through the lyrics, Ramon brings the feeling of single to life with their descriptive power. His deep and slightly gruff vocals are a delightful scratch against your ears that complements the melody perfectly. On the chorus, he is joined by female vocals that bring the contradictions of the single to a new height. The funky feeling of the music works so well with the deeper movements of the vocals for a creeping sense that lingers across your shoulders. If you don’t feel soothed yet heard by the end of the track, you might not have been as restless as you think.

Monrad captures feelings of restlessness and weaves them between contrasting movements in ‘Wired’. Using a melody that has you shimmying to the rhythm, he propels you forward and out of the rut you might find yourself in. His vocals enhance the contradictions of the music while giving you the feeling that others understand what you are going through.

Find out more about Monrad on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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