Compliments – Roadblock (2020)

Now more than ever the idea of escaping from everything is hitting us all hard. If you are looking for a song that captures this feeling, look no further than the debut single ‘Roadblock’ from Compliments. Not only does the song embrace the emotions of escapism, it uses alt-rock and grunge vibes to take you far away from reality. Giving you the sonic version of escapism while adding to the longing to get away, the single is just what you might need right now.

The dark and moody sounds of the band are what drew Benjamin Brett (guitar, vocals), Jaimie Rozanski (guitar, vocals), Sean Coyle (bass, synth) and Eddie Reece (drums, backing vocals) together. Formed earlier this year, this debut single is setting the bar for them. It makes you want more of their big and moody soundscape in your life.

‘Roadblock’ builds the moody sound from the first moment. The electric guitar notes have this sombre tone to them in the opening before the drums take over. There is something epic about the sound that fills you completely. However, there is also an understated feeling to the melody. This is wonderful because it creates this constrained feeling that echoes the message of the track and the desire to escape.

While the melody grabs you, the vocals have this wonderful atmospheric tone to them. It is like the vocals are this hazy mist floating above you. The almost detached feeling to the vocals adds to the moody haze of the single. It also adds this little something to the vibe of the song that makes you feel like you could escape into the vocals but they are just out of reach. The sonic landscape of the track creates this perfect mimicry of the yearning to escape but being constrained by responsibility and life.

Compliments set the bar very high with the big moody vibes of their debut single ‘Roadblock’. Seeped in the dreams of escapism, the single fills you with yearning and a sense that what you want is just out of reach.

Find out more about Compliments on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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