The F-use – For The Love Of God (2020)

Nashville is typically associated with country music, but The F-use prove that Tennessee has a little more than Billy Ray Cyrus. Alright, truth be told, Billy Ray Cyrus is from Ohio and not Tennessee but you get the idea. Influenced by Nirvana, The White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age, The F-use brings in a new era of grunge. With a sound highly reminiscent of Foo Fighters, The F-use combines the best of 1990’s grunge with 21st century rock. The latest track from The F-use is ‘For The Love of God’.

I keep talking about The F-use as if it is a band; however, this is the solo project of musician Matthew Estevez. Adopting a DIY ethic, Estevez writes and records the music from his home studio. Written soon after the COVID pandemic hit, ‘For The Love of God’ is an expression of the tension and frustration felt by Estevez. Exploring social unrest in the USA and the consequential emotions, this single is a highly relatable piece of art in 2020.

Punk and grunge are known for taking a look at society and sharing their honest opinion of the situation. From a lyrical perspective, The F-use has captured not only individual anger but frustration on a global level. Singing about being inside a cage and not making a change, ‘For The Love of God’ is a raw, desperate appeal springing from discontent.

More than just a burst of emotion, ‘For The Love of God’ is compelling in its combination of vocals and instrumentation. It’s difficult to describe, but the track pulls you up, shakes you around and throws you back making you feel the concept rather than only hearing the lyrics. Rough vocals are complemented by frenzied guitars and drums making for a three-minute riot. Going beyond the melody, this moving track transcends the physical and touches your soul.

For more from The F-use, check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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