Composr – Dark Angel (2020)

Composr takes you through a dark story in his new single ‘Dark Angel’. The song works through a dream where a character is on a rooftop with his girlfriend and ex-lover. This turns into something sour with his ex killing him out of jealousy. To portray this dark tale, catchy melodies, sharp beats and stabbing synths are used.

The blending of sounds to paint a vivid picture is not new and Composr has showcased his ability to do this throughout his career. The textures of his music whirls into unique dark sounds that creep up on you. If you need a visual glimpse into this dreamscape, there is a trailer for the upcoming music video.

The stabbing synths that open ‘Dark Angel’ have a dark edge to them. The lighter tones that follow do nothing to alleviate this darkness and adding an almost sinister or creepy vibe. The deep opening beats remain throughout the track, but there is an intricate higher layer later in the track. The zinging line close to the end of the track draws you to the final moments of the vivid song. While a relatively short single, it is able to pack a lot in.

The vocals have an electronic edge to them that perfectly matches the melody and the dreamscape. Using electronic vocals gives a sense of detachment to the song like it is viewed through a screen or is a dream. The lyrics paint a vivid picture and easily tells the tale of the dream. The darkness of the melody continues in the vocals for a blended dark wave sound.

Composr tells the tale of a dream turning sour in the dark pulses of ‘Dark Angel’. The track uses deep and stabbing synths to create the ominous dreamscape. The vocals with their electronic edge add to the darkness of the sound and the sense of everything happening in a dream.

Find out more about Composr on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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