Elgin – Kiss and Tell (2021)

Elgin is bringing some retro vibes to our ears with his single ‘Kiss and Tell’. Telling the story of lovers who love in secret, the song is a blast of upbeat funky tones that are sure to get your feet moving. While hitting out with a vintage vibe, Elgin wraps the retro tones around modern vocals for a vibrant single you are not going to forget any time soon.

Using his unique and charismatic sound, Elgin combines a wide range of influences from Michael Jackson to Daft Punk. Taking almost two years to finalise, the single is the first off his upcoming LP and fills you with some seriously good vibes. It also has you eager for the LP to come out.

‘Kiss and Tell’ fills you with a bright feeling as it comes to life against your ears. There is a gentleness in the opening that flows into a jumping summery feeling. The melody is a delightful fusion of some retro disco tones and a flair of modern partying. The music fills you with neon lights that make you smile and want to move around. The vibrancy of the melody is almost blinding but is toned down slightly by the vocals which add their own waves of charisma and charm. The funky notes have your feet tapping to the beats while your shoulders move to the rhythm.

Elgin’s vocals fill you with a warm vibe like enjoying the close of a day on the beach. The dancing vibes of the music come through in his performance in the pace of his vocals. The chorus is packed with vocal dance vibes that pulse with blinding lights. The energy of the melody is tempered slightly by his performance which draws you to ground with his charming character.

Elgin gets you moving to his rhythm with the blindingly bright tones of ‘Kiss and Tell’. From the first second, you are filled with a summery vibrance that pulses neon lights through your soul. The dancing vibes of the song shine in both the melody and vocals while the lyrics bring a modern edge to the retro disco tones.

Find out more about Elgin on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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