Cooper Chasse – Stay (2021)

A first date brings up a lot of emotions from anxiety to wonder. All of these emotions have been captured in the raw and stripped-back single ‘Stay’ by Cooper Chasse. The single tells the story of going on a date with someone you just met and the wonderment of a great connection taking place. This is woven into feelings of attraction, passion and the anxiety of not messing everything up.

The emotions of the single are taken to new heights with the stripped-down production of the track. As the lead track for his collection The Quarantine Demos, it gives you a taste of things to come. Drawing on inspiration from the Avett Brothers, Chasse wrote and recorded a collection of 27 tracks while on his own during quarantine.

‘Stay’ has an intimate acoustic guitar opening that makes you think of rainy days spent inside. The stripped-back melody has a poignant feeling as it softly leads you into the vocals. While the melody is just the acoustic guitar, it is so expressive that you feel the emotions of the track thrum through your chest. Combined with the vocals, it brings a knot to your throat as you feel the steady onslaught of all the emotions linked to a first date.

As the guitar thrums through you, Chasse’s vocals call out to your soul. With a soft folky delivery, he captivates you and sends shivers of emotion down your spine. His voice fills you with the light euphoria of an instant connection with another wrapped in the nervousness of new experiences. While the lyrics tell the story of a first date, there is an almost abstract feeling to them that allows anyone to connect with the essence of the track.

Cooper Chasse uses a stripped-back melody and emotive folk vocals to capture every feeling you have on a first date in ‘Stay’. The intimacy of the melody created by the sole acoustic guitar enhances the emotional depth of the single. His vocals continue to fill you with the emotions of the music while connecting with the essence of the sonic experience.

Find out more about Cooper Chasse on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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