Track of the Day: The Forever Now – Reciprocals

Starting in 2011, Monty de Luna and Lauren Austin began performing under the name W I N C H E S T E R. The name was based on Winchester St. in Toronto, Canada. Now, after de Luna relocated to Denmark, the cinematic indie-pop duo have returned as The Forever Now. Well, actually The Forever Now is de Luna’s solo project with Austin being a frequent collaborator. Described as “incredibly beautiful…and completely dazzling” by The Revue, the duo are interesting, intriguing and insatiable. One of the latest singles added to their discography is ‘Reciprocals’.

Stunningly mixed and mastered by renowned producers Ken Andrews (The Naked and The Famous) and Randy Merrill (Adele and Taylor Swift) respectively, ‘Reciprocals’ is the title track from their latest EP. After a decade of demos, ‘Reciprocals’ is the first professionally produced single for the duo. Written and recorded several times until it seemed perfect, the track is a true labour of love. It marks de Luna and Austin’s return to form and sharing their unique combination of indie and synth-pop.

Despite the sensational and effortless melding of genres, ‘Reciprocals’ has a bit of a raw sting to it. Sonically, the track is easy to listen to and catchy, but lyrically it is rather bittersweet and sombre. Exploring issues of an ending relationship, such as unacceptance of one’s faults and over-analysing situations, The Forever Now strips back all pretences exposing the frankness of lost romance.

What I enjoy most about ‘Reciprocals’ is the combination of de Luna and Austin’s vocals. The inclusion of both male and female vocals tends to enhance the narrative and emphasise the message behind the track. Overall, I really enjoy this slow, steady and entrancing single and look forward to more from The Forever Now.

For more from The Forever Now check out the official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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