CorAnima – Vivamus (2021)

It can often seem hopeless when you have a loved one who is lost to addiction. CorAnima captures this feeling in ‘Vivamus’ before moving to something hopeful. Through the sounds of the track, the band puts their heart into the music and fills you with the sense that those who you feel lost may never give up overcoming their addictions.

This hopeful turn to a depressing topic comes from Fern Rivera (vocals, guitar), Ethan McGuire (guitar, drums) and Shawn Boone Jr. (bass). The trio met online through a songwriting collaboration in January 2021. Drawing on their own experiences with addiction and overcoming the disease, they tell their stories while offering something relatable and touching.

‘Vivamus’ slowly draws you in with a progressive opening that swirls and pulls before the thrust of the guitars pounds against you. There is a beautiful depth to the melody that is like a starry nebula of the unfathomable. The pulses of the music sweep through you and send you rocketing through the wash of colours and emotions. There is a slightly aggressive edge to the music that combines with an infectious passion to capture you in the rise and fall of the melody. Through the music, you fly through the soundscape on the cloudy wins of the nebula.

As you ride through the nebula of the melody, the vocals flitter in the corners of your eyes. As the guitars pick up, the vocals get an anthemic edge. You will be scooped up on the wings of the performance and soar with them. The depths of the melody is tempered by the emotions of the vocals. There is a heady tug within the vocals that pulls at the feeling of wanting to help those you love with the struggles they face. While there is a chance for this want to become overwhelming, the hope that is woven into the performance lightens it. This is so relatable that you can’t help but feel your chest fill with the emotions of the track.

CorAnima has you riding the vocals waves through the nebula of the melody that is ‘Vivamus’. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of wanting to help loved ones with their struggles and the hope that everything will work out well. All of this is wrapped up in an engaging track that is an utter pleasure to listen to.

Find out more about CorAnima on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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