The Lunar Keys – Silent Ricochet (2021)

The world is full of contrasts that clash and even each other out. The Lunar Keys have captured this in their single ‘Silent Ricochet’ which sees the battle of rage and love. Touching on violence, oppression and the annihilation of the environment, the single tempered the wave of negativity with hope, positivity and love.

Lexy (keys, backing vocals), John (bass, lead vocals), Dom (drums) and Steve (guitar, backing vocals) formed The Lunar Keys late in the summer of 2019. After perfecting their line-up, they spent the last unpredictable year writing and recording an album’s worth of music. Their single releases landed them on BBC Introducing and had them long-listed for Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent 2020.

The light piano line that opens ‘Silent Ricochet’ slowly builds while a hum swells beneath it. From this hum, the guitars burst and roll against the drums. There is a rather infectious feeling to the music that captivates your senses. The contrasts of the single come through in the movement of the melody. There is a high level of light tones that bring a thread of hope and optimism for the future. This is contrasted by the drums and guitars in the lower level that offer the negativity of the track. As you ride the contrasting vibes, your feet will be tapping to the rhythm and you can’t really help but get a little lost in the melody.

John’s vocals have a conversational feeling to them as he pulls you into the lyrics of the track. This is wonderful because it feels like you are talking to a friend about the state of the world and learning their perspective. This turns into something a little more contemplative on the chorus. His voice is a wonderful line against the melody while the lyrics bring light to the negativity of the world while still offering something to look forward to in the future. Through every element of the track, the band executes a delicate balancing act with a delightful mastery.

The Lunar Keys bring contrasting vibes to the infectious melodics of ‘Silent Ricochet’. With vocals that pull you in with a friendly conversational tone, the band looks at the negative events of the world while offering positive energy for the future. This all rests on a melody that brings the contrasts of the lyrics to sonic glory.

Find out more about The Lunar Keys on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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