Cosette Gobat – Endings (2021)

Cosette Gobat dives into her own battle with complex PTSD to bring the tale of tragedy and hope in ‘Endings’ to our ears. Intensely haunting, the single uses a cinematic escape from tragedy to lead listeners to a beautiful end, that could only be created from the pressures of the past. Combining classical tones with folk and dream-pop, Gobat offers up a truly moving journey that glitters with the light of hope and resilience.

Gobat’s career in music started at the tender age of 14 when she signed a record deal with Decapolis Records. Over the years, she honed her skills as both an artist and engineer, which she used to forge her debut album. An impressive introduction to her theatrical and musical talents, she showcased a genre-defying sound, that shines with her self-made style.

The haunting opening of ‘Endings’ calls to you through the mists created by the instrumentation. The melody draws you in like the early morning light illuminating chilly morning fog. It is rather cinematic in the way it carefully builds to the ethereal vocals. The progressive feeling of the music breathes against your skin and leads to a chilled swell of richness. Throughout the single, the melody forms a misty layer that the vocals float over. At times, the music seems to drop completely for the ethereal tones of the vocals to shine.

The misty cavern created by the melody is the perfect foundation for the vocals. Gobat’s voice floats on the fog of the music, rising above it, before sinking back into the depths. The whispered tones of the first verse turn into an angelic line that reaches into your chest and stirs your emotions. It is so beautiful in its delicate tones. The movement of the vocals highlights the transformation of trauma and tragedy into something strong and beautiful. It is a very creative way of showcasing the struggle and light at the end of the struggle Gobat has personally gone through. Every element of the track adds to the journey of the single and touches your heart.

Cosette Gobat mists into your sense with ethereal vocals, dreamy melodics and cinematic movements in the journey of ‘Endings’. The music is delicate and creates a cavern of mist that the vocals rise out of, only to sink back under. Her vocals are angelic and ethereal as they haunt your mind long after the single ends.

Find out more about Cosette Gobat on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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