Matt Saxton – Animal (2021)

If the winter blues are sinking their claws into you, Matt Saxton has a single that will resonate through your soul. ‘Animal’ is a piano-driven track that is deeply personal to Saxton, yet amazingly relatable. Using acoustic folk tones, he picks up the silence that winter brings, with birds migrating and animals hibernating, and turns it into a chilly touch on your soul.

The beautifully haunting sounds of the single are a taste for his new album, set to be released later this year. Since he first released his acoustic song ‘Seabird’, Saxton has been gaining a steady following of fans, drawn to his intense musicality and refreshing takes. Using a method of songwriting that takes us out of the box, he has set himself up as one of the artists to keep an eye on.

‘Animal’ draws you in with the piano line that has an interesting yet desolate feeling. It is like you are looking out at the frozen tundra with only the chilly wind as a companion. As the drums enter, the melody takes a more melancholic turn. The piano-driven music fills you with a reflective vibe as you consider your emotions, as the cold fingers of winter sink into your skin. The steady movement of the melody has you riding into the lonely vibes further into the single.

While the melody sets the mood for the track, it is really Saxton’s vocals that steal the show. The lyrics paint the picture of a wintery landscape with bare trees, cloudy skies and the creeping edge of twilight. Saxton’s vocals resonate with emotion as he considers how we are animals who can’t hide from the icy touch of winter. The backing vocals add depth to the chorus as you sink into the beautifully depressing tones of the track. While quite depressing, the chorus is ridiculously catchy and you will be singing it to yourself throughout the day. The movement of the music is also something that you could find yourself humming as you go about your day.

Matt Saxton reaches out with the icy fingers of winter to pull you into the melancholic contemplations of ‘Animal’. The music is delicate and chilled as it reaches out across the snowy tundra. His vocals are plaintive and melancholic but stunning in their desolate beauty.

Find out more about Matt Saxton on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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