Courtney Cole – Light (2021)

There is something about nature that seems to be able to heat and ease during the most stressful times. Courtney Cole is picking up on this with her single ‘Light’ which was written on the ocean as a poem and inspired by nature. Drawing on her belief in sound healing, she incorporates the use of specific frequencies with the healing flow that only nature can bring.

Combing the emotional healing power of music with the energy healing of nature, she creates a single that soothes the rugged parts of your spirit. The idea of healing through music is one that has been a staple of Cole’s music since her EP Earthquake. Diverging from the upbeat, country-tinged tones of her early sound, it brought an authentic reflection that can be felt in this single.

Cole’s vocals open ‘Light’ with a bright vocal line that reaches into your spirit like the first creeping rays of a golden dawn. The authentic touch of her performance gives way to an airy flow that gently lifts you from the ground and glides into the stratosphere. Her performance is light and almost breathy as it pulls you into a peaceful bubble. The movement of her performance sweeps through your chest and lifts the troubles that have bogged you down from your shoulders. There is no way to listen to this track without feeling lighter and full of good vibes by the end of it.

As her vocals sweep through you with their emotive healing power, the melody brings a dynamic movement to the soundscape. The almost ambient sounds of the opening move to a lightly tapping beat. There is something delightfully organic to the movement that resonates through your veins. As the single progresses, the melody picks up tempo bringing a sense of warmth. The building of the melody has been masterfully handled as it subtle moves you from the chill of dawn to the warmth of the sun and a slight dancing vibe. The burst of sound that comes later in the track adds a kaleidoscope of colours that put a smile on your face.

Courtney Cole lifts stress from your shoulders and fills your veins with a kaleidoscope of feel-good colours and vibes in ‘Light’. Her vocals are airy and tender as they lead you from the first rays of dawn to an uplifting glide. The melody adds dynamism to the soundscape as it carefully builds through the track to fill you with warmth.

Find out more about Courtney Cole on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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