Sasha Hromyk – All The Right Ways (2021)

Most people view fear as a sign that we should avoid something, but what if there was another side to it? This is what Sasha Hromyk is considering in his single ‘All The Right Ways’. Though the neo-soul and RnB flows of the track, he looks at how fear can be a doorway to intrigue that leads us to act in surprising ways.

This considering of emotions and responses draws on the influences that inspired Hromyk as a young artist. With a touch of Brandy added to Michael Jackson, he continues to play with sounds and vocals for catchy tracks that have you firmly under his spell. His ability to warp and wrangle sounds to suit his needs makes him an artist you should definitely keep an ear on as he brings something truly unique to the music world.

The soulful tones of ‘All The Right Ways’ shimmer through the opening. The pounding beat vibrates through your chest as those shimmering opening tones glitter in the higher levels of the melody. Through the melody, you can hear a touch of old-school RnB mixed with something more modern. The guitar brings a touch of blues that weaves through the sultry tones of the track perfectly. As you listen to the melody, the layers pull you into a melodic seduction that you can’t help but give into. Each element of the melody adds to the richness of the track which drips from your senses like satin sliding against your skin.

As you are trapped into the sultry vibes of the melody, Hromyk’s vocals slide against your ears to perfectly complete the seduction. While pulling you into the silken sounds of the track, the vocals smoothly inject the concept of healthy fear into your brain. The soulful movement of the vocals slip into your brain and fill you with that sense of fear that gets your heart racing and doing something that you normally wouldn’t. There is a catchy edge to the vocals that gets stuck in your brain that has you singing the chorus at random times throughout the day. The choir-like backing vocals are perfect and add a plushness to the already decadent sound.

With soulful slides, silken melodies and the concept of healthy fear, Sasha Hromyk puts you under his spell and sinking into the plushness of ‘All The Right Ways’. Every part of the single combines to create a lush and seductive soundscape that you can’t help but give into. The concept of the lyrics slips into your brain while the catchy flow of the vocals have it sinking into your brain.

Find out more about Sasha Hromyk on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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