Craig Carrigan – Come With Me (2020)

Craig Carrigan is a multi-instrumentalist who you might remember from the band Fantanas. With the band breaking up just before lockdown, Carrigan decided to record his own music to learn a new skill. Enjoying the process, he started to write more and has now released his debut single ‘Come With Me’.

The song draws on a wide variety of influences from Mac DeMarco to My Bloody Valentine. The result is an alternative, lo-fi indie rock sound that is very appealing to the senses. The soundscapes of the track draw you in and make you enjoy the song as much as Carrigan did when writing it.

‘Come With Me’ starts off with a laid-back vibe. There is a lazy vibe to the guitar and drums of the first section of the track that picks up as you continue listening. The beat of the song is easy to get into and will have you tapping your foot.

When Carrigan’s vocals first hit, they carry the same chilled pace as the melody. There is an honesty to his vocals that make the song fun to listen to. The tempo of the vocals stays the same throughout the song which adds an interesting dynamic to the song.

Craig Carrigan has created a chilled indie rock song that you can lie in the middle of the floor and listen to on repeat in ‘Come With Me’. The relaxed vibe of the track makes it easy to listen to while drawing you in. The song makes you want to hear what else he has been recording.

Find out more about Craig Carrigan on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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