Glow Beets – Us Against The World (2020)

Glow Beets is a rising UK EDM producer and the moniker of songwriter and producer Jonny Amos. As a songwriter, he has penned tracks for a wide range of artists but is now ready to hit you with a series of remixes. The series focuses on young emerging artists with the next being ‘Us Against The World’.

The track is being released on all major streaming platforms on 17 July and was originally released last year by Will Naisbitt. The new interpretation of the song gives it new life and offers some of Glow Beets signature sounds. The goal is to enhance the emerging talents and give them a chance to shine to a wider audience.

‘Us Against The World (Glow Beets Remix)’ opens with some plucky notes and vocal chops. There are bouncing sequences throughout the song that make you want to move to the beat. The electronic guitar used throughout the track adds a glassy layer to the proceedings that enhances everything.

The great thing about this remix is that the original track has been left alone to a great extent. The flow of the song remains and Naisbitt’s smooth and enticing vocals are untouched. The remix truly enhances the song instead of trying to make it into something completely different.

Glow Beets uses his signature sounds to enhance the catchy summer track ‘Us Against The World’. New beats are strategically added to the song to create a vibrant track that is pleasing to listen to. The original vocal performance is untouched keeping the authenticity of the track.

Find out more about Glow Beets on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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