Cristy & Her Lovers – Contact High (2020)

We all have that one person who makes us laugh a bit harder or feel more relaxed by just being close. The relationship we have with these people is brought to life by Cristy & Her Lovers in their debut single ‘Contact High’. A groovy single that combines everything we love from funk, pop, rock and contemporary soul, it takes you on a musical trip about contact highs.

This groovy earworm comes from the 9-piece band that got together as the result of a study abroad in Spain, too many sangrias and a few strangers. Cristy Alover (vocals) created the band in 2018 while in Spain and realising that she needed to switch things up artistically. She managed to convince 8 musicians to join her new project. Drawing on the diverse talents of the band, they have created their groovy sound.

‘Contact High’ hits you with some groovy beats in the opening that meld with a vibrating melodic line. The flow of the melody has your head moving to the beats before the piano and horns grab you and shove you further into the song. There is a swell of music that bolsters the funky vibe. The melody offers a melded soundscape that perfectly brings elements of funk and contemporary soul together. This is sprinkled with a little touch of rock and pop to add a modern thread to the proceedings. The horn solo in the latter part of the track is wonderful to listen to and sticks with you.

As the melody gets you grooving to the rhythm, Alover’s vocals add a sense of fun and funk to the music. The upbeat vibe of her vocals draw you into the tale of a contact high and not wanting this to be all there is. Her performance is funky and you can’t help but get drawn into the flow of it.

Cristy & Her Lovers have you moving to the infectious and blended funky flow of ‘Contact High’. The melody has you moving to its rhythm while the horns are a thing of beauty. Over this is the vocals that draw you into the tale of the lyrics and put a smile on your face.

Find out more about Cristy & Her Lovers on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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