Crossing i’s Dotting t’s – Overwhelmed (2020)

Formed in August 2020, Crossing i’s Dotting t’s is the brainchild of US-based vocalist and guitarist Matt Mucerino. As a solo artist, the singer-songwriter fuses elements of alt-rock with pop-punk creating a very emo-esque sound. Yes, this venture is a one-man band but it should be noted that bassist and guitarist Mat Miranda contributes to make the music a little groovier. As a new artist, Mucerino has a small discography with only one gig to his name; yet, he has been featured in Two Story Melody, Voyage LA, Eat This Metal and Music Junkie Press. One of the most recent tracks to his growing repertoire is ‘Overwhelmed’.

Recorded with producer Vulcho Bonev at Vulcanic Studioz in Costa Mesa, California, ‘Overwhelmed’ is the follow-up to his single ‘My Nights End In Disaster’. Combining elements of indie-rock with alt-rock, but with some punk undertones, ‘Overwhelmed’ can easily be placed alongside the likes of Violent Femmes, Sonic Youth, Ash and Pixies (in fact there is a reference to the Pixies). Of course, when viewing Mucerino’s full discography you will find a range of different styles ranging from Jane’s Addiction rock to Fall Out Boy emo. It’s clear that this artist is not one to be pigeon-holed.

One of Crossing i’s Dotting t’s more upbeat and attention-grabbing tracks, ‘Overwhelmed combines dynamic instrumentation with Mucerino’s rough vocals. A superbly layered track, ‘Overwhelmed’ uniquely gives prominence to the drums and guitar while maintaining an overall harmonic melody. Harsh, frantic and fiery, the single is a sonic representation of teenage angst in the 21st century; however, it is the witty lyricism that makes the song compelling.

Touching on issues of individuality, frustration and anxiety, ‘Overwhelmed’ is an emotional and stirring song. The raw honesty is enhanced by Mucerino’s tone and timbre making it captivating and, in a way, sincere. Listening to this track is like seeing a shimmering gold light amidst a dark, black wall of nothingness. Perfectly balanced, ‘Overwhelmed’ uses the bite of punk and the steadiness of indie to ensnare your senses and bewitch the mind. ‘Overwhelming’ by name and overwhelming by nature!

For more from Crossing i’s Dotting t’s check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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