For Tuesday – Count Me In (2020)

The solo project of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Mark Ferris, For Tuesday is a swirl of enchanting, captivating and endearing sound. Founded in March 2020, For Tuesday is one of the many exciting consequences of Covid-19 lockdown. According to Ferris, the project was a whimsical one where he “was really craving a musical outlet and…it kinda blew up into a regular creative practice/habit” – talk about serendipity! Despite being a rather new project, For Tuesday has received positive feedback from publications such as Ear To The Ground, Chalkpit Records, Nexus Music Blog and Little Dose Of Indie. The latest addition to his growing discography is ‘Count Me In’.

The third release from Ferris, ‘Count Me In’ is a cinematic song incorporating powerful synths, captivating guitars and witty lyricism. Honed over several years, the track’s melody is smooth but with a sense of fragility and heartbreak below the surface. In ‘Count Me In’, For Tuesday showcases his versatility as an artist combining 1980s post-punk with modern alt-rock and twinges of early 2000s pop. What I find particularly intriguing about ‘Count Me In’ is the transition from slow, melancholic verses to moving guitar solos and upbeat choruses. It’s as if Ferris is taking you on a rollercoaster ride matching the changing tones with the emotive lyrics.

Thematically, the track explores being stuck in traffic and dealing with that common situation; however, the underlying concept offers an insightful deconstruction of one’s present and future. It may be that I’m reading to much into this, but the nostalgic, moody and melancholic elements form the foundation of a single with raw honesty, genuineness and sentimentality. Sincere in its own way, the effortless soundscape exudes a delicate balance of dark vulnerability and indifferent boredom.

Let’s end this with a really bad pun: if ‘Count Me In’ is anything to go by then I definitely want you to count me in on the rest of For Tuesday’s work. I told you it was bad.

For more from For Tuesday, check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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