Cxl Mxck – 100mg (2021)

Merging the sounds of Palaye Royale with Apollo 440, The Prodigy and Green Day, Cxl Mxck has a sound that is energetic, high-paced and infectious. Unafraid of controversial or taboo topics, the UK-based singer-songwriter delves into the grittier parts of life with his engaging lyricism. Despite having only a few tracks to his name, Cxl Mxck has featured on RGM, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio reaching a wide audience and building a loyal following. Innovative and fearless, the 21-year-old artist dips into different genres drawing a captivating sound suitable for everyone. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘100mg’.

Brash, brusque and abrasive, Cxl Mxck lays emo lyricism atop urban trip-hop styles resulting in an upbeat, spirited track. While one might not consider trip-hop to be smooth or flowing, ‘100mg’ has a harmonic element in its abrupt presentation. Combining powerful beatbox and synths with Cxl Mxck’s unique English-inflexed vocals, the track has an anthemic sound with head-bopping vibes. Thing is, while the single can be viewed as just another trip-hop tune, the jarring quality aligns with the honest lyricism.

Inspired by endless doctors appointments to help him deal with depression, Cxl Mxck shares a personal message with a conversational narrative. Depicting “both sides of the coin”, ‘100mg’ is an exploration of managing depression, struggling with treatment and finding oneself in the situation of abusing medication. Moreover, Cxl Mxck touches on the ease of gaining prescription medication in modern society and the dangerous impact it could have – something that many of us ignore with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders. An upbeat track, but not jovial in any sense, ‘100mg’ is a penetrating look at the gritty side of coping with depression.

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