Chris Hart – So Easy (2021)

There are times when it feels like everything is becoming too much and the world is crumbling around you. This is when you need the support of a loved one and that is exactly what Chris Hart highlights in his single ‘So Easy’. With a mixture of jazz, funk and pop, this danceable tune shows you that love can help you get your head straight and push you to be your best self.

Drawing on his own experiences with anxiety and the power of love, the personal touches make the single more relatable. While Hart is a self-taught musician, he brings the subject to life with a masterful touch. Developing his musical style through experimentation and blending melodic elements he loved growing up, his super catchy music is a pleasure to listen to.

‘So Easy’ runs down your spine with a cascade of shimmering tones. The clicking tones rise from the depths of this cascade to pull you into the smooth and soulful slide of the melody. The twang of the melody has a soul-rock vibe, with an edge of funk. There is an undulation to the music that feels like it might burst into a paced melodic flow at any time. This energy is instead converted into the seductive call of the single which wraps around you and has you bopping to the soulful vibes. It is an interesting combination of tones, as you bop to the touch of funk, while sliding on the slick flows of soul.

Resting over this fusion of melodic tones are Hart’s vocals which bring a honest and authentic flow. His voice is soulful, with a slight smile as he greets you and pulls you into his musical prowess. While the lyrics touch on the darkness of anxiety, it is easily overtaken by the happiness of love. The connection and happiness of the relationship in the lyrics place an ember of warmth in the centre of your chest and the vocals fan the flames of love. Through all this, the backing vocals have you bopping to their line in what must be the most danceable movement imaginable.

Chris Hart has you dancing and bopping to the shimmering yet soulful tones of ‘So Easy’ as he brings the ember of love to your chest. The music is a combination of soulful slides and danceable beats. Hart’s vocals are honest and authentic as they bring happiness and connections to life.

Find out more about Chris Hart on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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